Stills Series #3

Some images I captured within my neighbourhood while on a walk a couple weeks ago. Seeing the park wrapped up in caution tape is such a stark image in comparison to my memories of the cotton-candy sky summer nights during which the park was filled with 10-year-olds playing tag.

Stills Series #2

Some up-close and personal shots of my high school, taken during my photography class (using a macro lens for the first time).

This mini assignment was quite intriguing, as it required me to take a look at a school I had been seeing for almost 4 whole years in a new light. At first it was hard to get past the peeling paint and yellow-tinted lighting, but I eventually began to compose images in my head and translate them to pictures I snapped and stored on my SD card. This resulted in a couple of those cool shots pictured above, and I hope my teacher thinks the same way about them.

Stills Series #1

3 pictures, all capturing the summer sunset centred-moment of fleeting youth and fading of happiness.