Hi, my name is Sarah Hesp!

I am currently a BBA candidate at the Schulich School of Business at York University, where I will be graduating in 2024. 

My interest in business has been growing since the summer before 6th grade, when I decided to start a small jewelry brand with my sister. We wanted to turn a fun activity of making bracelets and earrings with friends into a way we could earn some extra pocket money, and were quite successful. By the end of the summer we had made several sales and even had our jewelry displayed in a well-known local business. 

It was almost 4 years later when I decided to join DECA, a business club and competition, in 9th grade. From the first lesson of “how to properly shake someone’s hand” to my my final competition in Toronto, I gained valuable knowledge, useful skills, and lifelong connections. 

My involvement in DECA also led me to co-found Engaging Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) in 2018. EYE is a youth-run non-profit organization that aims to help all youth get a grip on business and entrepreneurship. So far we have engaged with 600+ students through a variety of events and online activities. You can read more about Engaging Young Entrepreneurs here, and my involvement here. 

Outside of my academic and extracurricular activities, I frequently write poetry (read about my self-published collection Notes here) and am currently working as a freelance photographer (see my portfolio of photography here)

You can typically find me trying new kinds of coffee in small cafes, having spur-of-the-moment photoshoots with friends, or working on a new project or two. I am always excited to hear new ideas so if you would like to chat, feel free to contact me by LinkedIn or email – my inbox is always open.