An Update of Sorts

Life can get pretty busy, but these last couple of months have been something else.

In September of this year, I not only announced the fact that I was working on my book (Notes) to be published, but I also started Grade 12, the final year of high school in Canada.

That transition into my final year of high school has come with a lot – a whole lot of important assignments, university applications, and some great memories.

I had hoped that one of these memories would have been me, successfully publishing my book in 2019, even with the additional work that Grade 12 comes with. (My book is one of the main reasons I have not posted in a couple of months.)

I was quite close to that goal as well, and had ordered a proofing copy of “Notes” during the first couple of days in October. It was amazing seeing a copy of my work, tangible in my hands – physical evidence of all of my time, energy, and late nights. At the end of the October I was actually given the chance to visit my old middle school, where I discussed the process that led me to creating my book “Notes”, the importance of literacy, and the World Literacy Foundation.

Unfortunately, due to a little something called water damage, my Macbook died at the end of November. While this accident was not devastating, it did cause me to lose the majority of my edited images, and the latest copy of my (almost) finished book, save a couple final edits.

This is why my book was not available for sale at the end of November, and will not be available for a while longer as I work on the missing images and piecing the file back together again.

That being said, I do hope to have it ready for Spring of 2020, available through Blurb and my website with all proceeds of this first edition still going to the World Literacy Foundation. I am sure all of you understand the situation –  I not only cannot wait to share the finished product with all of you, but I also want to extend a huge thanks for the insane amount of love and support I have received these past couple of months.

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