Have you ever said something that you should not have? Whether it left a bitter or sour taste, it was a comment that lingered in the back of your mind and mouth — something you wished you could take back.

Blood as red
as strawberries,
yet it doesn’t taste the same.
Dripping down my tongue,
as I bite my cheek,
the pain
of saying nothing
was preferred to saying something simply
the kind of comment that leaves lead in your mouth.
The kind of taste that does not come out,
not even with a gift of the sweetest strawberries.

Strawberries – By Sarah Hesp

As you could tell, my poem “Strawberries” is not exactly about the berry, but that exact feeling I described in my brief introduction. It starts off by drawing a connection between strawberries and this uncomfortable feeling, going on to describe the comment that was made. The speaker states it was a comment so awkward and unforgiving that no apology or sweet words could fix it. 

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