First Impressions of the Canon T70

In 1984, the Canon T70 (a battery powered camera that shoots 35mm film) was the camera of the year. 35 years later, I made the decision to purchase an old model from a local flea market. 

This decision was made after my Mamiya, a film camera I had purchased at the same market about 2 years earlier, broke and was no longer effectively taking pictures. I had originally bought the camera as a prop, but was happily surprised after discovering it worked, even if it was for those 2 years. It was my initial purchase of the Mamiya and my parent’s earlier interest in film that inspired me to start using it for photography, and keep doing so. 

Before using my new (old) Canon T70 to take photos that would be precious to me, I wanted to test out the camera and its different features. A couple days ago I brought it along to a dinner with my friends, and we decided to take some pictures afterwards as well. 

Overall I was super happy with the results of the 24 exposures, especially since I had used them as a tester. While we had shot in a low-light situation for most of the images, the camera still captured the colours and overall contents with a decent amount of brightness. It was also the first time I had a full roll of film develop perfectly, which was an improvement from my Mamiya. For next time, I would just try to shoot with film with a lower ISO (100 or 200) to improve the quality of the images and reduce grain. 

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