Sunflowers, My Favourite

Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, hands down.

With their bright yellow colour and beautiful form, how could anyone not like them the most? They are widely known as the “happy” flower, ready to bring positivity into people’s lives. While you cannot look directly at the sun (or at least, should not), a sunflower is the next best thing, helping to brighten up your space. 

A couple months ago I decided to write a poem inspired by the flower, and how we as people may relate to them.

Like a sunflower we follow light,
we wake at day
and sleep at night.
Some of us stand small,
smaller than the rest.
Others grow tall,
reaching for their best,
to be the biggest stem in the field.
Working hard we grew,
trying to outshine the sun
(something a flower cannot do).
Our fresh petals
burned by its scorching glare,
yet some forget their lesson
and the bravest dare
to go at it again,
to grow how they please,
maybe they will soon be
one day at ease.

Sunflowers – By Sarah Hesp

The poem starts off by comparing ourselves to sunflowers, hinting to how our lives largely revolve around the sun’s movements, just like the famed flower. It goes on to highlight the differences between the individual “flowers” in a field, just like the wide variety of people in our world. 

The main focus of the poem is the select few “sunflowers” who prove to be resilient, rising up again each year, growing taller and brighter. These “sunflowers” are those people in our world who are ambitious, determined and those who work hard to achieve their goals. They are doing their best to outshine the brightest around them, and for some that is their main and only goal. While it is great to be hardworking and focused it is my hope that they will “be one day at ease”, able to simply enjoy life, their surroundings, and fellow “flowers”. 

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