5 YouTubers Worth Watching

YouTube. The online platform that some individuals have turned into their full-time job, one that can turn you into a social media star with a single video. 

I joined YouTube in 2014 (admittedly, late to the party) and remember catching up on all of Ryan Higa’s creative posts and making quick edits of my favourite beauty gurus, hoping they would notice through Instagram. In these past 5 years my preference in types of videos on YouTube has changed slightly, and I have developed a more curated list of favourites rather than viewing the most popular creators on the site. So if you are interested in good editing, fashion, lifestyle, travel and some amazingly bright individuals, you are definitely going to like my top 5 YouTubers worth watching. 

Ashley, aka bestdressed

If you get me started talking about YouTube videos, Ashley is probably one of the first creators I will mention. The 21 year-old film major’s channel “bestdressed” has been viewed more than 105 million times with a subscriber count of 2 million people (and for good reason). Her channel offers advice regarding life in general, with a focus on building an affordable personal style. It also showcases an abundance of DIYs, thrifting and thrift flips, along with wicked room makeover videos (seriously, Ashley is a DIY and decor wizard).

I would have to say that my favourite videos from Ashley are ones where she sits down and talks with her viewers. She always has such great insight and lessons to share that definitely helps a teen like myself, like this one below where she discusses what she wishes she knew about college before attending. 

“What I Wish I’d Known About College…”

Joana Ceddia 

Joana, nay John Cena, took YouTube by a complete storm last September. I found her through one of her initial viral hits, where she recreated a popular creator’s fashion line using affordable materials. I have to admit that I was initially hooked by her intense vocabulary and what came off as “quirky” humour, later staying for her artistic content and a determined, vibrant personality. Here she is, 2.8 million subscribers later, and still going strong. So strong that she actually got Brad Mondo to fix her hair in one of her latest videos.) 

My favourite videos from Joana are her painting videos (where she tries to recreate famous works of art or execute her own), and videos where she gives us a glimpse into her thoughts regarding topics such as school and other hot topics. I think both of those types of videos really give her viewers an idea of what a brilliant person she is (she can draw, paint, does well in school, operate a Nerf gun and who knows what else?), and I really admire her dedication to school, and wanting to lead a “normal” life. In this video below, she illustrates the trials and tribulations of the dreaded exam season. 

“It is exam season.”

Elena Taber

Elena was a YouTuber I happened to stumble upon one day, and I am so glad that I did. After going to university in California she made the big move to New York City almost a year ago, and is known on YouTube for creating lifestyle videos from lookbooks to travel vlogs. At about 383 thousand subscribers her channel and content definitely deserves more recognition, especially for its calming, chill aesthetic and her wonderful editing. 

Elena’s travel videos are most definitely my favourite on her channel. She manages to showcase the countries and cities she visits in such a beautiful light by incorporating clips highlighting each culture and choosing related music, almost making you want to pack your bags and visit the destination in an instant. She also creates informative videos regarding sustainable jewellery and fashion, one of which is linked below. 

“Sustainable Summer Clothing Haul and Try On”

Johnny Harris, from Vox

While sick a few months ago I decided to speed through the entirety of the “Vox Border” series (which I recommend it to everyone). Each season was phenomenal, from the editing to the individual videos’ actual content, and I quickly learned that the man behind the whole series was Johnny Harris. This led me to find Johnny’s personal YouTube channel, that he started a couple months prior to my Borders-binge. 

His channel showcases everything from his start at Vox to other various conversational videos regarding college, or specific articles from his life (a picture or his orange coat). I have to say my favourite videos from him are those where he sits down and explains something (such as how to better remember your life which is linked below) but honestly, Johnny’s fantastically intricate editing could truly get me to watch anything he uploads. 

“How to Remember Your Life”

Natalie, aka heyxnatalie

Natalie has become my latest YouTube favourite, a high school student like myself, living in the US. Her channel, currently sitting at 140 thousand subscribers, highlights weeks, days and events in her life such as meeting her internet best friend, or going with caffeine for 7 days. What really drew me in to subscribe to her channel was the creativity and thought I saw go into all of her videos, and her coffee-loving personality (which I totally relate to). 

My favourite type of videos from Natalie consist of her attempting to accomplish tasks (such as getting her life together) because of how she takes her viewers on that journey with her. All of her videos are extremely well thought-out and aesthetically pleasing, like this “trailer” for a short, two-video series following Natalie and her friend Jared as they spend a portion of their summer vacation together.

“If you only had one week with your best friend, what would you do?”

As you have now reached the end of this list, I hope my descriptions have proved that these 5 YouTubers are definitely worth watching. If you like these kinds of posts be sure to follow my site, sarahhesp.com through WordPress for similar content! 

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