A “Peace”-ful start to this series….

Many times I tend to base my poetry off of photos I have taken, or take a photo to accompany one of my poems. “Peace” was written based off of an image I snapped last summer, on my film camera using 35mm film.

A peaceful scene is shown in that photo, of a couple enjoying the beginnings of a summer evening together.

A serene scene of silence,
the horizon shared by two.
Water, standing peacefully,
reflecting white instead of blue.
The sky aged with them,
and now the sun is soon setting.
They take one last glimpse,
and draw one last breath in.
Peace, at least, that is one’s hope,
because from that view on the lake,
who knows where we go?

Peace – By Sarah Hesp

The photo was mainly meant to capture the pearly sky and water of the lakefront, but also included those two individuals, talking while seated in foldable camp chairs. I could only guess their age, but this is where fact gave way to fiction and a poem came about.

I started thinking, how many more of these summer evenings do we get, and what is beyond them? If these were your last couple of moments, what would you see once you got beyond the never-ending horizon of white water and sky? The poem ends asking this question, as I myself have no clue. It is up to the reader to imagine what that would be like, as imagining is all we can really do.

Aside from the poem, I would like to imagine that couple is enjoying many more summer evenings.

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